Bankhead Primary School
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Breakfast Club

Our school has a Breakfast Club provided by Fuel Zone from 8.00am - 8.45am in the lunch hall. Last entry is at 08.30am

Children should enter through the lunch hall door on Caldwell Avenue.  Enter the main gate, go down the steps on your left (before the main school door) and the lunch hall door is approximately half way along the building. 

Children can choose from cereal, toast, fruit and fruit juice.

Breakfast Club is:

  • free to children on the free meals entitlement list
  • costs £2 to children who are not on the free meals entitlement list
  • £1 for any extra siblings
  • As of 17th August 2020, schools will not accept cash for school meals and breakfasts?See the bottom of this page for more information.

After Breakfast Club children will be supervised in the playground until 9:00 am by Support for Learning Workers. P1-3 children will be escorted to the playground by staff.


How payments will be made

From 17 August, schools will not accept cash for school meals and breakfasts. Payment will be by BACS transfer only. Payments will be made:

  • in advance - parents can pay weekly/monthly/termly (see table of payment rates)
  • by BACS transfer
  • by the close of business on the Friday, for the following week (the first payment will be due by Friday 14 August)
  • using unique reference numbers per child (one for breakfasts and one for lunches)

What this means for parents

You must complete the form below and we will provide you with the unique reference number(s) for your child(ren).  These will be provided to you by email for clarity.  

When making a payment, you must include your child’s reference number. If you do not do so, the payment will not be traceable and cannot be allocated to your child.



Reference Numbers

Each child will have two unique reference numbers. One for breakfast payments and one for lunch payments. Each reference will consist of 13 characters. For example, 123B123456789 and 123L123456789. If your child only has breakfast or lunch, you will only require the one appropriate reference number. If they have both breakfast and lunch, you will require both.

Please note that as this is an interim process, you will require to make separate payments for both breakfast and lunch for each child.