Bankhead Primary School
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Uniforms in our school colours can be purchased from any shops, or you can order uniforms with the embroidered school badge from the school office. Our uniform consists of:

  • (P1-P6) Pale blue polo shirt or white shirt & striped Bankhead Primary School tie

  • (P7) White shirt & navy blue Bankhead P7 tie

  • Royal blue or grey jumper/sweater or cardigan

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

Please label all items of clothing and other belongings with your child's name.  

Unacceptable forms of dress for school:

  • Potentially encourage factions (such as football colours)

  • Could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans)

  • Could cause health and safety difficulties (such as loose fitting clothing, jewellery)

  • Could cause damage to flooring

  • Carry advertising particularly for alcohol or tobacco

  • Could be used to inflict damage on other pupils

The school sells attractive, embroidered hardwearing school jumpers, polos and accessories available for sale at the school office. Uniforms can be purchased (based on available stock) or ordered from the school office. You can download and print our Uniform order forms and PE kit order forms and return to the school office.

Note that PE Kit colours are based on pupils' designated houses, so please find out your child's house before purchasing a coloured Bankhead PE shirt.

School Logo Uniform Prices

Sweatshirts Round/V-Neck (Ages 3-13) Royal Blue £9.00
Sweatshirts Round neck (Adult sizes) Royal Blue £12.00
Cardigan V-Neck (Ages 3-13) Royal Blue £9.50
Polo Shirts (Ages 3-13) Pale Blue £7.50
Polo Shirts (Adult sizes) Pale Blue £10.00
P.E. Shirt (Ages 3-13) £4.00
P.E. Shorts (Ages 3-13) £4.00
P.E. Bag £3.00
Homework Bag £5.00
Baseball Cap £4.00
Navy Waterproof Jacket/Fleece  (Age 5-14) £20.00
School Backpack (Large) Navy £10.00
School Tie (P1-P6, with or without elastic) £3.00
Water Bottle (plastic, no logo) £1.50


PE Kit

It is important that pupils come prepared to learn, and for P.E. this requires appropriate clothing.

All jewellery should be removed, including earrings.

P.E. shirt colours are based on pupils designated house, so please find out your child's house before purchasing a coloured Bankhead P.E. shirt.

Pupils who are not participating in P.E. must have a note or a medical certificate. Pupils who are unable to participate in practical PE should still bring their kit to allow them to assist in the lesson by refereeing, keeping scores or assisting with the distribution of equipment. This ensures that they are still able to take part in the work of the class without missing out on the knowledge and understanding of the course.


Clothing and Footwear Grants


Parents/Carers may be entitled to monetary grants for footwear and clothing for their children.


For more information, eligibility requirements and to apply, please visit the Glasgow City Council's Clothing Grants & Free School Meals page on the Glasgow City Council Website.


The application form for 2020-2021 school year is to be updated and made available on the Glasgow City Council website in July 2020.


The school has paper application forms available upon request.