Bankhead Primary School
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School Safety

Car-Free Zone

Bankhead Primary School has been chosen to be part of the GCC's Glasgow School car free zone pilot starting in August 2019 for the safety of our pupils.

Between the hours of 8.30am-9.15am and 2.30pm-3.15pm, both Caldwell Avenue and Broadlie Drive will be strictly pedestrianised (excluding cycles and emergency vehicles) during the school term.

We ask that you please respect the car free zones during pick up and drop off for the safety of the children.

For more information regarding the car-free zone, please see the following links:

Travel Plan Team & Junior Road Safety Officers

Our school Travel Plan Team helps keep pupils safe when they are travelling to and from school. The school Travel Plan Team and Junior Road Safety Officers join together and work as a team to try to improve road safety around the school.


They helped put into action:

  • The erection of a pelican crossing at the junction of Kirkton Avenue and Polnoon Avenue to help us to cross the road safely on our way to schoo

  • speed bumps along the streets at the Kirkton Flats, next to the garages

  • two bollards on each corner round the school