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Glow Learning Community

What is Glow?

Glow is an award-winning national intranet for education, developed exclusively for Scotland’s educational community. Enhancing and supporting pupils’ learning, Glow allows pupils to learn using the tools of technology they are familiar with for free.

Pupils will be able to log into their Glow accounts to collaborate on projects with teachers and other pupils and continue their learning. Pupils use their Glow accounts to access Outlook E-mail, Microsoft Suite, Google Classrooms and more.

Help with Glow

If you are having trouble logging in to Glow, try to clear your browser's cookies/cache and try logging in again, or use a different internet browser. For more help logging in to Glow, click here to visit the Help with Glow website or click here to watch a video showing how to log in

Glasgow City Parents Group have put together a Wakelet with tutorials for digital learning resources (including Glow), available in multiple languages. Please refer to their step-by-step tutorial for help and information.

How do pupils log in?

Forgotten password?

If your child has forgotten their Glow username and/or password, please ask their teacher to reset their password.

Why should we use Glow? Benefits of Glow for learners

  • Office 365 – Glow provides full access to Microsoft’s Office suite including: Mail, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, etc. Learners can download a full version of Office 365 at no cost. (see more info at

  • G Suite – Google G Suite for Education tools such as Classroom, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Calendar and more. These tools can be used to support learning both inside and out with the classroom.

  • Anywhere, anytime learning – Learners can access the resources and features of Glow using any device at any time. This means that learning can continue outside the classroom on any device that is connected to the internet

Being safe and responsible online

Before you log on, please remember that Glow is on the internet. This means you must follow the Council’s internet policy; all pupils and parents have already signed the Glasgow Council Acceptable Use Policy (of computers and the internet) and these rules also apply to the use of Glow. If there is any misuse of Glow then access may be removed. Parents can refer to our Online safety section of our website if they would like any advice on this area.

All pupils are given a generic password when they first log in. We recommend that passwords be changed to something secure and memorable by your child when they first log in. It is very important that passwords are kept secure, and we suggest that parents/carers are aware of their child’s password and it should not be shared with friends or siblings. 

Passwords can be reset by class teachers. The same username will be used by pupils throughout their time at school both primary and secondary.

Getting to know Glow

Once you have logged into Glow there will be a Launchpad of tiles you can explore. Take some time exploring and getting used to how Glow works. More advice and guidance can be found at