Bankhead Primary School
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Pupils have a lot of responsibilities and roles to play at Bankhead. All children set an example to other pupils. Here are some of the roles they take part in:

  • Special buddies (P7)

  • Class buddies (P7)

  • Play Pals/infant pals (P6/7)

  • Dinner monitors (P6)

  • Peer Mediators (P6)

Special Buddies (P7)

Special buddies help by looking after younger children, such as new P1's or pupils who find it harder to make friends. 

Class Buddies (P7)

Class buddies help look after classes at wet intervals. They play games and watch the children (supervised by staff) while the teachers have a break.

Play Pals/Infant Pals (P6/7)

Play Pals are trained P7s and P6s who go into the infant play ground and play games with younger children.

Dinner Monitors (P6)

Dinner monitors look after the dining hall and help keep it clean and tidy.

Peer Mediators (P6)

The Peer Mediation Project encourages children to be supportive of each other and to help others to resolve disputes. Peer Mediators are trained in listening skills, working together, problem solving and confidentiality. Peer Mediators help to support P1-3 pupils in the infant playground.