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Coronavirus Free Meal Info
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Updated 27/04/2020:

  • Glasgow City Council Free Meal Entitlement Contingency Plans during school closures

    Glasgow City Council are currently issuing Farmfoods Cards to eligible parents and carers. It may take up to 10 days to receive your card.

    Parents and carers whose children and young people are currently entitled and in receipt of footwear and clothing grants and/or free school meals will be receiving information about the contingency plans in place to help replace free meal entitlement while pupils are not attending school. 

    GCC are using the clothing grant and/or free school meals' data as this involves a larger number of families who will receive this support.

    Letters are being posted out direct to home addresses with a £20 pre-paid Farmfoods card that can be used to buy food at stores across the city - click here to find your nearest store. 

    £20 will then be uploaded every two weeks to the cards for each Glasgow primary and secondary pupil in a family who currently receive a footwear and clothing grant and/or free school meals.

    Please hold on to the card - each card has a serial number on it which will be matched to the addressee - and GCC plan to top up the cards on the following dates:

    • 13 April                   

    • 27 April

    • 11 May

    • 25 May

    • 8 June

Read GCC's pdf icon Farmfood cards frequently asked questions [242kb].

If you have an enquiry about the programme please use their online form or email