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HMI Follow-up Action Plan
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Bankhead Primary School

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HMI Follow-up Action Plan - October 2018

Following an HMI visit in September 2018 a summary of the key points form the Action Plan is outlined below. 


Action Point details

Expected outcome  for learners


Strengthen approaches to self-evaluation and strategic planning to raise attainment for all children. Developing further leadership at all levels will support staff in evidencing the impact of planned interventions

Increased numbers of children who can articulate their own skills and their next stapes in literacy and numeracy.


Increased personalised effective interventions as a result of teachers using class data more effectively to plan.



Continue to develop the quality of learning and teaching to ensure that children are more actively engaged in their learning.

Consistent effective use of Assessment is for learning strategies across all classes evidenced during visits and all written tasks

Almost all pupils to demonstrate ability to identify and plan aspects of learning in writing and numeracy


Ensure the curriculum provides meaningful opportunities for children to develop skills for learning, life and work.

All children experience learning and teaching and a curriculum which allows them to focus on skills.

All children in P5-P7 will have a skills profile

All P7 pupils will have a profile by

December 2019.


Strengthen approaches to evaluating the impact of the school’s strategy for promoting wellbeing.

All learners’ wellbeing is monitored annually and progress over time is recorded.

As a result of increased clarity of children’s progress all children have effective interventions.