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DIFFERabled Scotland Information

31 August 2020

Please find below the DIFFERable Scotland Flyer with a blurb about what they are about & what they aim to change:

(SCI0 47129)

Parent to Parent Support Groups (families with children/young people/adults with neuro-diverse/Additional Support Needs).




Facebook:   Differabled Scotland & Differabled Information Sharing Page

Twitter:        @DifferabledScot

DIFFERabled Scotland is a Charity set up & Co-founded by parents. Parents who found themselves part of a journey, that they had no understanding of! The impacts & the barriers faced by many of our families through the various ‘systems,’ can feel isolating & overwhelming for so many.  One of our team has been recently diagnosed as ASD herself & also members/volunteers of the team with various diagnosis’ such as dyslexia & dyspraxia.

Empowering parents/Carers & Service Providers - to ensure all measures of inclusion & equality are upheld.

As parents we acknowledge the rich personal experience we share as a collective and seek to use that experience to support, inform and educate our peers. We recognise the opportunities we can facilitate in our coming together and in our group work to foster peer support for members and to provide safe spaces for people to be open and share their hopes, dreams and aspirations, both for themselves and their person.  We provide the opportunity to gain recognition for new and existing skills through various platforms. We have Peer-Peer support groups, Monthly Q&A with an Autism Consultant & various Service Providers. Neuro-diverse training on Understanding Neuro-diverse conditions (such as  Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia) etc.

One of our strongest bases is the range and depth of our shared experience. We are all experts in our own lives, but together with our shared values and experience - we are crucial participants in how governments, local authorities and others develop policies and systems which affect us. We will be proactive in seeking out places where we can offer our contribution and work to influence change in whichever sector we find appropriate.

We will provide opportunities for education, development and growth for people who want to make their own lives, family lives & their own communities a more inclusive and welcoming place to live. We will learn from our own members and from the leading thinkers of the day to promote a learning culture in all the work we do. We will share openly with other organisations and movements that share our values and use every means to reach out to advocate our core values.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & ‘Please,’ get in touch by any of the links at the top of the page.

We look forward to welcoming & supporting you in any way we can.