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Letter to Parents - Holiday, Classroom, MHA Week, procedures & resources

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Dear Parents & Carers,

We hope you and your family are healthy and your routine and time spent together are all the very best that they can be. I hope you are managing to access Goggle Classroom, and if for any reason you cannot, call the school and we will try and support you.

Please take the time to read the guidance for contacting school staff through Goggle Classroom outlined below.

We would appreciate if you could complete the survey on home learning and Google Classroom by Wednesday 20th May so that school staff can try to acquire tablets for pupils and work with the local councillors to investigate affordable ways to get internet access for those who need it.

If you and your family would benefit from food parcels, please reply to the text linking this newsletter.

Friday 22nd and Monday 25th of May are public holidays; there will be no Google Classrooms operating on these days. There are plenty of resources and useful ideas on both the Bankhead Primary School and Bankhead Parent Council websites, as well as through the Education Scotland Newsletter to support any activities you would like to do with your child over the holiday weekend. 


Help with Google Classrooms

Our website has a step-by-step guide for accessing Google Classrooms through Glow to help you. School Google Classrooms in Scotland can only be accessed using a school Glow account. If you have a personal gmail or google account, you should log out of that before logging in to Glow to access your child’s Google Classroom. Some parents have found it helpful to log into their computers as a new/guest user to ensure they are not logged in to any personal accounts before logging into their child’s school account.

If you have forgotten your Glow password, click here to reset your password. When prompted to enter a new password, try to make it something easy for you and your child to remember, or keep a note of it handy. In order to access Google Classrooms, log in to Glow, click on the Bankhead Primary School Button, and then click on Google Classrooms.


Guidance for Contacting Staff through Google Classroom

To communicate learning with pupils during school closures we are using Google Classroom.

We are able to post learning activities and messages to our classes and pupils can upload work directly back to their teacher. Teachers can privately comment or give feedback on pupils’ work. Questions about the learning activities can be answered here.

If you wish to contact staff, please use the private comments in Google Classroom. Please do not email members of staff directly.

Our website has a form for any Glow/Classroom/Sumdog issues. This will be responded to by clerical staff.

Contact details for the school are available on our school website, and you can send e-mail enquiries, comments or concerns to


Staff Working Hours

Due to the current situation, teachers are balancing work and different family situations and challenges alongside teaching and learning. They respect that you and your families are doing the same.

What we do not want to do during this time is to overload our learners, families or staff.

Pupils will be given learning activities which they will be encouraged to engage in over the week at times that suit their families. There are no hard daily deadlines. Class teachers will check in with their classes every day and provide feedback and support across the week.

Staff will try to respond to an individual within 24-48 hrs. Staff will not be available for contact at the weekend or after usual school working hours. Any responses left outside these hours will be answered when the teacher is next available.

Thank you for your support.

If you require paper copies of your child’s learning then please come to the school to collect it on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1pm-3pm. If for any reason you are unable to do this then please contact via e-mail at and we will make alternative arrangements.


Education Scotland- Scotland Learns: Parent and Carers Newsletter

  • “We are pleased to offer a new weekly newsletter for parents and carers to support learning at home. We are very much focused on supporting practitioners, learners, parents and carers during the unchartered period of learning at home. This newsletter is specifically for parents and carers and provides hints and tips for helping children learn from home, learning activities, as well as puzzles and challenges for children and young people. The activities don't require lots of materials and the tasks are designed to encourage children’s creativity and independence.”
  • Have a look at the first issue of the Scotland Learns: Parents and Carers Newsletter. The first issue contains learning activities for Literacy and Numeracy, support on wellbeing and a focus on the theme of food. You will also find hints and tips, advice for engaging young people with autism in their learning and a creativity challenge.
  • To receive this weekly, go to our Sign Up page, complete your details and tick the Scotland Learns- Parents and Carers Newsletter option.  Don't forget to click subscribe at the bottom.  Doing this will ensure you receive a weekly email directly to your mailbox to let you know when a new newsletter is available.


Parent Council News

The Bankhead Parent Council will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Monday 1st June 2020 at 7pm on Zoom. A link to join the meeting will be sent out closer to the date. Minutes for Parent Council meetings are posted on their website as they become available. The Parent Council can be contacted via their contact form on their website.

The Parent Council would also like to share this wonderful resource with you:

Glasgow Clyde College online classes

Glasgow Clyde College are offering the following courses to support learners across the North West and Glasgow as a whole. If you are interested in joining any of these classes please contact Alan Milson: to sign up for classes. You will need an e-mail address and be able to access Zoom online.

  • Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate 

This is the national REHIS certificate delivered on line by a qualified college lecturer> the course will be a combination of Textbook, workbook, pre-recorded videos from the lecturer and face to face Zoom as well as online support. As with the normal delivery there is a multiple choice exam at the end which will be conducted online.

  • ESOL online - 

We have at present 3 classes one supporting Hillhead PS previous learners, one for St Pauls and an evening class which took place in Whiteinch. These will now be open and if numbers demand it we will start more.

  • Health and Relaxation – 

This focuses on learning how to use massage and relaxation techniques to improve health from your home. This eight week course is delivered online by a Health and Wellbeing lecturer. 

  • Beauty and Self care –

This focuses on learning how to take care of your skin and useful make up tips from your home. This eight week course looking at makeup and skin care is delivered online by a health and beauty lecturer

  • Sewing-

This class will be delivered by a qualified sewing lecturer through a combination of Zoom and online support and is suitable for those with access to a sewing machine.

Note: learners must have access Zoom video meeting.


Oxford Owl Free eBooks

Oxford Owl are offering free access hundreds of eBooks in their library that are organised by both age and reading level to help you find the right books for your child. Click here to register and log in to read Oxford Owl books. Their eBooks are best viewed on a computer, laptop, or tablet rather than on a phone.

Through the Oxford Book company your child can read and progress through Book Banding Books. Last week, Mrs Rutherford texted every parent a guide to your child’s latest reading age and you will be able to correlate this with the book banding colours in the Oxford Owls. If you did not receive your child’s reading age, please e-mail the headteacher email address.

In order to become competent readers, children need to be thinking readers. They need to be able to understand and use the core reading strategies: visualising, prediction, clarifying, questioning and summarising. They also need to understand how to answer the three different kinds of questions: literal, inferential and evaluative questions. To help improve their reading skills, children have also been taught to think about strategies they can use before, during and after reading. For more reading help and resources, please visit the literacy and spelling section on the school website for links and downloads. For information on how to practice paired reading with your child at home, click here. In addition, you might want to encourage your child to read by putting the subtitles on when you are watching a film and see what they can read.


Keep Safe Keep Learning – Pupils inc Developing Young Workforce

Keep Safe Keep Learning Pupil site:

Over the last few weeks teachers, children and young people and parents have been overwhelmed with offers of free resources to support home learning. As Maureen has repeatedly reiterated parents are not teachers and learning is different at home.

A  Remote Learning Glow site has now been developed where pupils can access innovative learning experiences from home, for example, links to a specific aspect of a website, problem solving/creativity tasks etc. This site is being managed so that a pupil can easily find interesting learning to engage with on a daily basis.  

The site can be accessed at: 

The site is accessible on Chrome or Firefox from laptops, desktops, iPads and phones – but users need a Glow account.

If it doesn’t work with your own browser copy and paste the link into Firefox or Chrome.


Mental Health Awareness Week: 18th May - 24th May 2020

This year’s theme is kindness. Be especially kind to yourself and other this week as you focus on mindfulness and mental health.

  • MindWell Week of Kindness Calendar - different themes & activities each day, new resources & lots of ideas to help us all think about how we can be kind to ourselves & others during this difficult time.
  • Mental Health Foundation – stories, resources and more focusing on this year’s theme of kindness during Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • Everybody Worries - Free picture e-book for children who are worried about Coronavirus


Take care this week and have a wonderful four day weekend.

Kind regards,

Mrs McKinlay and all of the Bankhead Primary School Staff.

P.S. Don’t forget: you are doing an amazing job!!