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Spring Break Head Teacher Letter

3rd April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope that you are adapting to life at home with your children and that you are all well. We hope you and your child/children have enjoyed the phone call from your child’s teacher or another member of the Staff Team. If staff were unable to reach you then they may have left a voice message.

Mrs Maureen McKenna, our Executive Director of Education, spoke on Reporting Scotland last night about maintaining a degree of normality in your child’s life is more important than worrying about specific school subjects. She also mentioned that this is an anxious and worrying time for everyone. Some children will be upset or feel lonely if they cannot see their friends as usual. Helping to keep a child happy and stimulated is the most important thing.

We include additional information at this time entitled Helping Children and Young People Manage in Unsettling Times. Under the Additional Support Needs (ASN) resources page on our website you will find some useful ideas to help your child understand the reasons why their lives have changed so much.

Over the spring break we recognise that it would be beneficial for you to continue your routines and structures, so we are uploading different types of activities. This collection of activity grids contains a wide variety of fun and engaging activities for all ages across all subjects, including some fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) challenges, literacy grids, eco grids, photography challenges and more.  We also recommend these STEM grids to keep kids engaged and learning.

We also include a collection of links to music apps from one of our partners, Nordoff Robbins. We also recommend the Power of Kindness calendar activities from the British Red Cross.  We hope that you are able to make good use of the daily/weekly live events, such as:



We hope that you and your family remain well and safe during the Spring Break.

Kind regards,

Everyone at Bankhead Primary School and have happy family time over the Spring Break.